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Rancho Cielo Scholars

  • RC Scholars Students at row of desks
  • RC Classroom

New to our program is a separate track, RC Scholars, geared for those students (aged 16-24) who are not inclined to participate in the vocational training portion of the program or may be waiting for a spot in one of the Academies. Students work exclusively in a classroom setting, working towards attainment of a High School Diploma. The Certificated Teachers are with the WASC-accredited John Muir Charter School.


M-TH 9:00am-12:00pm
Fridays: JMCS Academic Class NO CLASS

Program start/end dates:

On-going enrollment


  • 16 to 25 years of age
  • Meet Workforce Investment Act (WIA) income eligibility requirements
  • At-risk: low income, drug use, gang involvement, criminal background, truancy, school credit deficient, school drop outs, probation referral, homeless, on foster care
  • Drug free
  • Required to follow strict dress code guidelines and behavioral expectations while enrolled in the program, both on and off campus
  • Must follow the law and conditions of their probation


Apply to Rancho Cielo Scholars

For more information on the Rancho Cielo Scholars contact Manny Aguilar by phone at (831) 444-3525 or by email through the contact form

To apply online, click here.