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Welding & Fabrication

In Rancho Cielo’s Welding & Fabrication program, students master various welding methods, preparing them for entry-level occupations in the welding industry, which can open doors to various related sectors and careers. Students also gain essential knowledge of OSHA safety protocols, tool Identification (plasma cutters and cutting torches), blueprint reading specific to welding and forklift operation, and proper use procedures of welding machines (TIG, MIG, Stick, and Flux Core).


Equipment & Engine Training Council (EETC) Principles of Small Engine Technology

3G/4G various metals (combination structural welding test, qualifying you to weld all positions)

American Welding Society Certified Welder (CW)



Essential Resources and Wellness Services

Transportation Access

Skill Enhancement

Enriching Experiences



Monday – Thursday: 9am-3pm

Friday: 9am-1:45pm


August through June. Approximately 10 months to complete.

Ongoing/open enrollment


Ages 16 to 24

Not a high school graduate (has not earned a high school diploma)


  • Hands-on custom projects at Rancho Cielo, including heavy equipment repair and mending fences and railings.
  • There are opportunities for paid contract work with community partners, ranging from structural repair to sheet metal, as well as auto repair projects on vintage and classic cars (frame repair and engine mount brackets). 
  • Internship opportunities with local businesses for welders. The program has a robust job placement and support in the surrounding community. 
  • Machine shop welder
  • Auto body worker 
  • Sheet metal worker
  • Structural and ironwork welder
  • Pipe welder
  • Safety manager
  • Agriculture welding and fabrication 

Coursework also prepares students for post-secondary training, industry certifications and college courses. 

Course Sequences

This course provides students with the foundational concepts required for pursuing career pathways in the manufacturing and product development sector and prepares students for additional concentrator courses in this industry.

Building upon the introduction course, students learn additional concepts and experiences required for career readiness and pursuing further education in Welding and Materials Joining. 

This capstone course builds upon the Manufacturing and Product Development and Welding and Materials Joining courses. Students gain knowledge, skill development, and leadership training for the workplace and further education, such as industry certifications and a postsecondary degree.