Student Services

Rancho Cielo prioritizes creating a safe, affirming environment where students can learn and develop a future orientation, enhanced health and self-esteem, and a connection to the community. That starts with providing access to essential resources and services that support them as a whole — their essential needs and well-being and alleviating barriers to their academic, professional, and personal success.

Our case management model focuses on supporting students holistically throughout their education and as they transition into post-secondary training programs, college, or careers. It’s a framework that considers the individual’s needs and what they specifically require to thrive.


Rancho Cielo is about hope and opportunity. That’s why we offer direct-to-student services — including mental health services, medical and housing information and referrals, meals, and transportation, driver’s education, legal assistance, professional attire, scholarships, as well as enrichment opportunities — to ensure young people have equal opportunities to access our programs and offerings.

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