Our Programs

Youth Corps

In Rancho Cielo’s Youth Corps, young people earn as they learn in a crew-based job readiness program that prepares them for full-time employment. Crew members gain hands-on skills maintaining the Rancho Cielo campus, developing knowledge of various tools, construction mathematics, project design, irrigation, basic electrical and landscaping. In addition, youth develop responsibility, accountability, and self-sufficiency.


30-40 hours a week


Ages 18 to 24

Youth Corps members are evaluated bi-weekly by their Program Supervisor. The first week is non-paid and voluntary. If a member can obtain a satisfactory evaluation, they are invited to join a crew and will be paid minimum wage. Activities include:

  • Campus maintenance such as mowing, repairing broken plumbing, and completing minor repairs. 
  • Job preparation: resume writing and interview skills workshops, among other opportunities designed for job readiness and job retention.
  • Projects in the community: small/medium tree service, lawn maintenance, small irrigation projects, landscaping pathways, small/medium concrete work, hauling, and cleanup.

After the training period, crew members are eligible for referrals for regular full-time employment and are prepared for successful transitions into post-secondary training programs or college.