Rancho Cielo Celebrates its Volunteers

With over 100 attendees, the air buzzed with magic at our Volunteer Appreciation gathering. Our volunteers have woven miracles into the fabric of Rancho Cielo, turning far-fetched dreams into reality many times over.

Our world-class garden and apiary, once mere ideas whispered by volunteers, now stand tall as symbols of devotion and perseverance, thanks to champions like Randy Fox and our very own Julie Lorenzen (formerly a volunteer).

Our Veggie Box & BBQ fundraiser is a testament to Kim and Mike Costa‘s passion. Their vision has transformed into one of Rancho’s most lucrative annual events. Then there‚Äôs the 2023 Orange County Sustainable Decathlon! Indeed, a David and Goliath tale comes to life. Our volunteers, led by Bill Hayward‘s and Pete Scudder‘s expertise, poured thousands of combined manhours into mentoring our students, ensuring victory.

Yet, amidst the accolades and achievements, our volunteers’ intangible gifts genuinely touch our hearts. Their smiles, boundless positivity and commitment, serve as beacons for our students, showing them they are valued beyond measure.

Thank you again for making a difference today and every day in our students’ lives!

Volunteer opportunities: ranchocieloyc.org/get-involved

More on Veggie Box: ranchocieloyc.org/upcoming-event/veggie-box-bbq-even