Rancho Cielo’s Fifth Driver’s Ed Cohort is a Resounding Success

Despite it being spring break, the dedication of 21 students shines as they prioritize completing their driver’s education over sleeping in. Partnering with Drive Carmel, the school ensures comprehensive coverage of DMV-related expenses, including transportation to and from the DMV.

A driver’s license signifies more than mere transportation; it embodies independence and opens doors to employment opportunities for many.

The outstanding results speak volumes: 20 out of 21 students successfully passed their exams! Their excitement reflects the pride we all feel for their achievement!

Alexander Rodriguez (Welding & Fabrication): “I was really looking forward to getting my license, and I finally got it thanks to Rancho Cielo staff and my case manager, Maria [Alvarado].”

Ramon Moreno (Welding & Fabrication): “Surround yourself with the right people, and you’ll see!”

Christian Garcia (Construction & Sustainable Design Academy): “This has taught me to be a responsible driver.”

Anothony Trejo (Auto & Diesel Repair): “Believe in yourself!”

Serenity Lucas (Welding & Fabrication): “The test was easy because we had a great program.”